Rock. Paper. Spark

  1. Sweet Holiday Wishes!

    Wishing you a holiday filled with sugar plums, candy canes, cupcakes and sugary cheer! Happy Holidays!

    12/22/2011 sparkeology
  2. Sofia on the Move

    Mobility & Privacy. Sofia equipped with casters & a privacy screen we developed for a client. As always, we are happy to customize our products to accommodate your design.

    12/20/2011 sparkeology
  3. Sparking the Season

    Thanks to our great employees we brightened the holiday for a few West Michigan families. And loved doing it!

    12/19/2011 sparkeology
  4. Meet Market

    A “Meet Market” we are delighted to be a part of! Thank you Interior Design for featuring Cal in your Market Tabloid Issue.

    11/11/2011 sparkeology
  5. A School Unplugged

    A Silicon Valley School That Doesn’t Compute. That’s right no computers at all in the classroom. We were sold when we read one classroom of students ate their way through fractions by cutting apples, quesadillas, and cake into quarters, halves and sixteenths. The Waldorf School of the Peninsula is one of 160 Waldorf schools that focus on physical activity and learning through creative, hands-on-tasks. An interesting and refreshing teaching philosophy.

    On that note, I think it is a good time to practice our fractions – hello cake.

    10/24/2011 sparkeology
  6. Eye Candy

    A little reminder of how sweet life can be with Cupcake.

    10/13/2011 sparkeology
  7. Look on the bright side!

    Sofia is really looking on the bright side dressed in bright teal & green. This custom Sofia features a leather seat and back, green fabric sides and a 3-Form privacy panel. Created for a teen area in a high school, this fun and cozy seat for two will light up the room!

    10/5/2011 sparkeology
  8. Cheers to our Volunteers!

    Thanks to our team who tackled & removed invasive plants & shrubs at a local county park during the United Way Day of Caring. Great work!

    9/16/2011 sparkeology
  9. Hooray for Cabaret!

    Pantone’s Fashion Color Report – Spring 2012. Loving the new colors ESPECIALLY the CABARET!

    9/13/2011 sparkeology
  10. Corporate Sparkeology - MMQB

    Sparkeology press in Monday Morning Quarterback. Love the feature! We do in fact of have furniture for public, community and CORPORATE spaces!

    Corporate Sparkeology by Rob Kirkbride

    9/12/2011 sparkeology
  11. What Did You Buy Today? THIS BOOK!

    What clever way to track consumption! Kate Bingaman Burt has been drawing what she buys since 2006 – from fast food to electric bills to chewing gum. This book contains three years worth of beautiful drawings. Consume this book – Obsessive Consumption: What Did you Buy Today

    See her latest purchases on her blog.

    9/6/2011 sparkeology
  12. Icing on the (cup)Cake

    Loving the press from Interior Design Magazine, Cupcake is featured in the NeoCon wrap-up, August issue. YAY!

    8/25/2011 sparkeology
  13. Pantone Postcards

    100 enlarged color chip Pantone postcards! How great are these? Now to find 100 friends to send them to!

    8/10/2011 sparkeology
  14. Feather Light Rock Pillow?

    Handmade, hand-dyed, hand-felted from 100% wool, range in size from pebbles to large boulders! Featured in Inhabitat and designed by Ronel Jordan! We love ‘em

    8/2/2011 sparkeology
  15. Stamp of Approval

    Love these stamps! Pioneers of American Industrial Design stamps from the U.S. Postal Service, honoring 12 of the nation’s most important and influential industrial designers. These have rekindled our love of mail!

    7/26/2011 sparkeology
  16. Sofia - 3rings Blog Post

    “…this snow white seating unit is a dream come true.” – We love this compliment & article from Sonja Hall in her 3rings – Designer Pages blog post featuring Sofia and Sparkeology! Thanks for the kind words!!

    7/20/2011 sparkeology
  17. Phil in the Limelight

    See Phil featured as one of the editors’ picks in Interior Design Magazine Market Tabloid!

    7/18/2011 sparkeology
  18. Storage from A to Z!

    Alphabet Drawers from Kent and London! Love it!

    7/13/2011 sparkeology
  19. Noteworthy Neighbor

    How wonderful to find Design Sponge featured our neighbor Grand Rapids, MI in their City section. What a wonderful guide they have created featuring some of the best things Grand Rapids has to offer. Being only 20 minutes from our factory we share in the delight and pride of this fantastic city! Well done Design Sponge.

    7/11/2011 sparkeology
  20. Classy Pete at Aviary - Chicago

    Pete is embracing the good life at Aviary – a cocktail lounge neighboring Next Restaurant . We think he looks debonair with his black base & custom granite top. See him for yourself at 955 W. Fulton Market, Chicago, IL
    More Photos – Chicago Metromix
    Project designed by: Tom Stringer Design Partners

    7/7/2011 sparkeology
  21. Sparked the Big Easy

    Sparkeology was jazzed to exhibit at the ALA (American Library Association) Summer Conference in New Orleans! And in true Sparkeology style we sparked the city & sights while we were there!

    7/1/2011 sparkeology
  22. Now that is Sweet!

    Andrea Henderson, SpaceSays – the winner of our NeoCon 2011 Tweet for a Treat Contest, sent us this sweet little note & picture via Twitter. “Titus is loving the new cupcake stool! Thanks @Sparkeology! “
    What a face! We love it. Thanks for sharing Andrea!

    7/1/2011 sparkeology
  23. Happy Camper

    We were pleased as punch to see RPOlosphy blog by Barry Diamond and Pinstripe’s satisfaction with Sparkeology’s customer service. Thank you Barry for your kind words and we were glad we could help! We also think Pinstripe’s booth and graphic wall looked great!

    6/24/2011 sparkeology
  24. Sparkeology the Winner of Neocon 2011 Best Booth Design

    Great news! We were the large booth winner in NeoCon World’s Trade Fair Showroom & Booth Design Competition. Thank you International Interior Design Association & Contract Magazine for the honor. And thank you Square One Design for creating the best booth in all of NeoCon 2011!

    6/22/2011 sparkeology
  25. Interior Design NeoCon Show Daily - Day 3

    Day 3 – Sparkeology sparked the front page of the Daily! Also featured Manny on pg. 14. Love the press!

    6/21/2011 sparkeology
  26. Designer’s Introduction of Sparkeology’s New Products at NeoCon

    See designer Valerie Schmeider (Via Design & Viable) introduce Cupcake and other new Sparkeology products at NeoCon 2011


    6/17/2011 sparkeology
  27. Head over Heels

    Our Cupcake Stool was featured in Day 1’s Interior Design NeoCon Show Daily magazine. Thanks Interior Design for the mention. It took the (cup)cake as our most popular product debuted at NeoCon!

    6/16/2011 sparkeology
    Interior Design NeoCon Press
  28. Isn’t it Sweet?

    We will be debuting our Cupcake stool at Neocon. Try it out for yourself at our Booth 8-7050. We’ll be celebrating with free cupcakes too. Get one while they’re hot.

    Designed by: Valerie Schmieder, Scott Sikkema, Matthew Maher

    6/8/2011 sparkeology
  29. Tweet Something Sweet

    We are holding a contest. Tweet something sweet @Sparkeology from May 15 -June 15, 2011, and we’ll automatically enter your name for a chance to win our new Cupcake stool.

    Stop by Booth 8-7050 at NeoCon to see all six of our sweet new products and get a real cupcake, too.

    Winner will be announced Wednesday, June 15. Winner need not be present (though we’d love to see you). Prize will be shipped following NeoCon.

    Good luck!

    5/19/2011 sparkeology
  30. Phase 2 Photo Shoot

    Just the beginning!

    5/12/2011 sparkeology
  31. Putting your Superpower into action!

    Want to know the secret of how to be really, really good at everything you do? It’s as easy as tapping into your superpower and applying to every aspect of your work.

    A great article by John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing.

    Don’t know what your superpower is? Check out this article on discovering your superpower.

    Superman has nothing on you, saving the day is in your DNA.

    5/6/2011 sparkeology
  32. Closet to Home Office

    We love this closet to home office transformation. What great example of doing more with less – less space that is. Jennifer Jones has created this wonderful office that is beautifully decorated and organized. Created out of necessity when her basement office flooded – Jennifer has provided a terrific example of the wonders you can create from simple closet.

    This is so inspiring we might rethink & repurpose our coat closets and mop rooms into posh office spaces.

    Featured in Apartment Therapy’s Unplggd.

    4/13/2011 sparkeology
  33. Show-off Phil

    You may call Phil a bit of a show-off, but all he really wants to do is make you look good. Fill him with books or magazines; add a chalkboard, whiteboard or tackboard insert; or customize him with your own printed graphic. However you use him he’ll keep it all polished and pulled together. Have something special in mind? Contact us to figure it out together!

    3/31/2011 sparkeology
  34. Wally says it all.

    How do you say welcome, share your promotions, pass on information or point people in the right direction? We let Wally do it all. This scalable, portable reusable system breaks the mold for traditional signage. Wally allows you to create large scale images by slipping double sided wirebound panels or booklets over the arms of the framework.

    One Wally is perfect to greet your guests and help them find their way. Two Wallys make great event graphics to advertise or educate. Group four or five together to create free standing graphic wall.

    3/23/2011 sparkeology
  35. Box Store to Learning Space

    Collins College in Phoenix, AZ and IA Interior Architects converted an empty warehouse into a beautiful learning institution.

    A great article in Contract Magazine about the potential for empty box store buildings that could be converted into schools or educational facilities. These buildings are like blank canvases, large open spaces with lots of parking in convenient locations – ideal for a school. Check out the article for specifics.

    Imagine the possibilities and change the way you look at those big empty brick buildings around town.

    3/18/2011 sparkeology
  36. Sit Back & Relax - Green Building & Design

    We are delighted to be featured in the February issue of gb&d magazine pg 29-30. As a practice our products are created with materials and processes specifically designed to be easy on the environment. We use post-industrial and post-consumer materials, lumber from sustainable forests, and use every bit of the material we can. We also make sure our air quality and pollutant output is under EPA standards. Sparkeology is always looking for ways to do the right thing by our environment. It just makes good sense.

    2/9/2011 sparkeology
  37. Spark Possibilities

    The possibilities are endless with Sparkeology. We have created nine great products that work and play around you and your lifestyle. With so many compatible options to choose from it couldn’t be simpler to say welcome, sit down and put up your feet.

    Here are just a few options we created. Whether you are looking to relax by yourself, work as a group, or share a cup of coffee with a friend – a quick switch of pieces can make it all possible. Check out more of our configurations or create your own with our CAD symbols located on each of our product pages.

    1/28/2011 sparkeology
  38. 2011 Color of the Year

    Pantone Revealed 18-2120 Honeysuckle to be the color of the year! And we couldn’t agree more.

    Call us a little biased but we have always loved this “dynamic reddish pink” color. Pantone (the global authority on color & professional color standards) has determined Honeysuckle to be an encouraging and uplifting color – instilling courage, confidence & spirit – thus the perfect color for 2011. A vibrant and energetic hue that will liven up anything from clothing, to accessories, to interior spaces.

    1/26/2011 sparkeology
  39. Reserve. 1st Sparkeology Installation

    Reserve, an upscale wine bar in Grand Rapids, MI, I is our first product installation. Ten Pete tables (on the left in photo below) fit perfectly with the bar’s sophisticated and contemporary design. The tables are paired with a chair on one side and bench seating on the other – allowing the tables to be pushed together or pulled apart for any size group.

    Product Specs: Pete 24 × 30” & 30 × 48” Resin Top & Pewter Metal Base

    1/7/2011 sparkeology

We are a team that has found a different way of looking at things. It all starts with a conversation helping you find the perfect solution for furnishing public spaces. Wherever people gather to meet, study, work research or surf, conditions are prime for Sparkeology.


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